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 [Interview] Bill Bravo Girl

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.Fondatrice Et Administratrice du Club 483.

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Loisirs : Gymnastique, Danse Modern'jazz, peinture sur porcelaine, licencié en Théâtre, et surtout Amoureuse.
Date d'inscription : 01/06/2007

Prénom: Emilie
Surnom: Choute; GS; Emi; Crevette.
Chouchou: En tant que présidente, je vais m'abstenir mais sachez juste que j'aime beaucoup les Walt Disney tel Le Roi Lion *sans sommentaires*

MessageSujet: [Interview] Bill Bravo Girl   Jeu 27 Déc - 18:42

"I'm extremely jealous" - German Bravo Girl

BG: A few weeks ago was Valentine's Day. You probably received a lot of love letters. But have you sent something nice to someone, too?
Bill: Yes – My mom! Flowers. And I gave everyone a call that’s important to me.

BG: How do you feel when thousands of girls are standing in front of you at the concerts screaming “I love you!”?
Bill: It’s a nice feeling! Love is a big issue. And that is the most important sentence you can say to someone. I need some time until I can tell a girl “I love you”.

BG: So those words haven’t lost their meaning even if you heard them all the time?
Bill: No. Everybody has their own way of seeing things. I know a lot of people that don’t have any problem saying “I love you” that fast. For me it’s pretty difficult.

BG: Why?
Bill: First I’m in love and I feel that I love. But until I feel that it’s true love, I need some time. I’m very careful with it. When I say “I love you”, then I really mean it.

BG: How must a girl be to get the chance to be loved by you?
Bill: Down to earth and lots of fun. Humor totally impresses me. If I notice that we can laugh together, then I know; something is there...

BG: And what you don’t like?
Bill: Sitting around doing nothing while getting bored. I need a girlfriend that’s also spontaneous so that we can just go somewhere like that and just have a good time.

BG: How are you like a lover?
Bill: The most important thing for me is loyalty. I’m extremely jealous. And jealousy can be considered as a compliment. That means that you love the person. You want to be the only one for her and protect her.

BG: What makes you jealous?
Bill: I would allow flirting looks, but not exaggerating ones. A kiss on the mouth, one that’s not a friendly one means cheating to me.

BG: Have you ever been cheated on?
Bill: Luckily not. I say it clear from the beginning; if you want a change or if you fall in love with somebody else, it’s ok, but be honest. But tell me beforehand!

BG: Can being the girlfriend of Bill Kaulitz NOT be jealous of fangirls?
Bill [laughs]: I imagine that my future girlfriend would be jealous. But that will not be a problem. I would understand her very well. I’m the same!

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Fan Officiel

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Prénom: Virginie.
Surnom: Vivi, Vi, Virg, Nine, Ninette, Ma puce..
Chouchou: Tom, quoi que ça dépend.

MessageSujet: Re: [Interview] Bill Bravo Girl   Jeu 27 Déc - 18:43

Merci <33
Ca va je comprends bien l'ITW ^^
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jo-jo Kaulitz


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Prénom: Johanna
Surnom: crevette, Jo, jo2012, jo-jo kaulitz, ou alors pinpom pinpom ( oui la sirene des pompiers mon pote m'apelle comme sa O_o)
Chouchou: Bill

MessageSujet: Re: [Interview] Bill Bravo Girl   Sam 19 Jan - 17:20

j'ai compris....'fin dans l'ensemble
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Lily rOse


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Prénom: Laurie
Surnom: Lily-rOse
Chouchou: Georg en live tom pour son sourire gustav pour ses expressions bill pour tout

MessageSujet: Re: [Interview] Bill Bravo Girl   Sam 19 Jan - 18:33

j'parle pas l'anglais :'(
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MessageSujet: Re: [Interview] Bill Bravo Girl   

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[Interview] Bill Bravo Girl
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