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 [Interview] "Bravo N°50"

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MessageSujet: [Interview] "Bravo N°50"   Mer 5 Déc - 14:59

What is Bill doing in his bed (Bravo 50)

A hotel somewhere in Berlin. Since a few days the guys from Tokio Hotel (current single "By your side ". For BRAVO Bill (18), Tom (18), Gustav (19), George (20) now exclusively the opened the doors of their hotel rooms. .

BRAVO: What do you do in the night after a stressful day?

GEORG: I forgave myself in my room and just relax. I just check my mail, then I go to the bed and watch TV.
TOM: I see it differently. Most of the time Georg is busy with a photo of me and his right hand (laughs). . .
GUSTAV: I have always have a huge selection of DVDs and watch one or two in the evening.

BILL: I call alot . You really don't dare to see my bills
BRAVO: To whom do you speak, Bill?

BILL: With my family and my friends. I need to know if they are all well. I often talk for hours with them!

BRAVO: Are you often sad, that you can't be with youf families?
BILL: I am often sad when I am alone in the hotel room . As much as I love it beeing on the road with the band. In the hotel rooms, I often get sentimental and melancholy. I can not even say exactly why. But then, I wish i had my own bed. Tom would never admit it, but I bet he is sometimes sad. Especially if his hotel room re-acquaintances are gone.

BRAVO: Did you ever cried because of loneliness?
TOM: In the tour bus i often heared Georg and his handkerchiefs packs crackle but I am not sure whether he was crying because he doesnt' get any Girl - or whether he used the handkerchiefs for something else (all laugh)!

BRAVO:Are you often together?
BILL: Yes, we often go together in the welleness room and relax.
GEORG: Or we often make appointement in a a room and eat together. Then we discuss things what approach the band and make decisions.

BRAVO: What was the best thing you have have experienced in a hotel?
BILL: After the final concert in Essen, the fans cried of joy. They stood there with alot of posters in front of the hotel, on which you could read "Is nice to see you againat home ". That was a great feeling. Because we really felt taht we areat home again. . .

BRAVO: Hand on heart: Who among you look in the hotel room P * rnofilmes on TV?
TOM: Since everyone pays the Pay-TV-Bills itself, Georg has P * rno-Collection on the computer. So the checkout is not so embarrassing for him! However, I prefer real girls-not the ones on the screen (grins)!

BRAVO: And when when was the last time you took a girl in your hotelroom ?
TOM: 45 minutes before this interview (smiles)! Is better not to talk with the other ones about this issue. The fact that there is nothing going on in their hotelroom, is a sore point among the three. I would also never mess around with that becaus i am very xonsiderate

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MessageSujet: Re: [Interview] "Bravo N°50"   Mer 5 Déc - 16:57

tom,tom,tom... toujours égal à lui même

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[Interview] "Bravo N°50"
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